More adventures with Schoon Genoeg (Well done)

Our short film Schoon genoeg (or Well done, as it is called in English), has been a very interesting and inspiring trip so far. Last Friday night the director of the film, Walter Brokx, and me, one of the writers of the script, set out by ferry to meet our international audience. Our short film had been selected for viewing at The Film Bunch, a group that organises film meetings and viewings especially for people with a hearing disability.

Passionate about filmmaking

We tried to make the most of my first business trip abroad, walking about 10 miles through London, seeing as many highlights as possible. And even though we had left the Netherlands eighteen hours earlier, we arrived at The Book Club in Leonard Street just in time. It was all worth it, because there we met a whole bunch of lovely people, all passionate about filmmaking.

Great response

After a short introduction, we first saw King Cake, a sweet French film about compassion for a homeless man. It was a nice film, but it lacked a real ending, a punch line if you like. Then Schoon Genoeg got the floor (The first sounds of the score still give me the shivers, even after I have seen and heard it maybe a hundred times.) This time I tried to focus on the responses from the audience. We were thrilled to notice that they picked up the various signals and reacted with giggles, laughs or snores. I could sense the confusion. (What the f*ck is this film about?) It was a relieve to find out that these Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Indian and even a few British young men and women got the twist right and understood the message.

Great vibe

We did not receive a standing ovation, but genuine applause and a bit of cheering, so apparently they thought it was well done (pun intended). We, the film makers, including actress Madelon, were asked to step forward to introduce ourselves and to tell something about the film. After that there was plenty of opportunity to talk to each other, make a connection and share experiences. For many of the participants it was their first time at The Film Bunch, like it was for us. But they live in London, so they’ll probably come back next month or the month after that, since the vibe is great! For us, it is a bit more difficult to arrange.

Time management is underestimated

We spoke with actresses, composers, writers, designers, motion designers, producers and directors, which was really interesting. Walter and I handed out business cards. We would have like to swap, but creative people usually forget to bring their cards. Since we were on a foreign business trip our preparation was better, though. At around five o’clock we moved from the basement of The Book Club to the actual restaurant/bar where we talked some more. Organiser Shaz arranged an interview with us outside. She filmed us with her mobile phone, while her companion James asked us questions about the film and film making in general. He was amazed to hear that we made Schoon Genoeg in just 48 hours. So Walter gave him a lecture about time management in film making, which is something that is easily forgotten by people who want to produce something perfect.

Where does an idea come from?

The question that I have been asked mostly about this film is (of course) “How did you come up with this idea?” And this is always the hardest one to answer. I honestly don’t know where ideas come from. I wish I did. It would make my life as a writer so much easier!  I do know that from the moment it came up (I’m not going to write here what the idea is, since it would spoil the fun of watching our film for the first time…) I felt really strongly about it (head, heart and gut combined). And I am so happy that Schoon Genoeg actually tells the story I wanted to tell, in an economic and humorous way, perfect for a short film.

Treasure the gem

That is why I am so proud of the end product, which is the result of a great cooperation in Team Exception. All skills combined in a film that is meant to be. I can only hope that we reach this level again in a new project. Until that happens, I simply treasure our gem and all the adventures that come with it!

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