Stories and structures

Two of my favourite things in life are story and structure. Other favourites: connection and confirmation. These things come to mind when I read books on storytelling.

Principles of storytelling

I am reading “Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t” by Steven Pressfield. To my shame I have to admit that the name of the writer did not ring a bell at all. But apparently he is quite a famous American writer of screenplays, novels and non-fiction. He was a slow starter (which appeals to me, having planned to have my breakthrough, as a celebrated whatever, around 50). His book combines copywriting practice and theory with storytelling techniques and seems to be a summary of every principle I have come across since I started studying at the Scriptschool in 2007.  And I love reading it.


Why? Because it is written in short sentences, selling itself. Not very surprising as the writer  is an experienced copywriter.

Any other reason? Yes. It does not give me anything new. It confirms the things, the principles I already know and agree with. See me nodding whilst reading it. I am glad he refers to Robert McKee and his Story Seminar (as it is called now-a-days) since I was a lucky one attending one last year.

So why read it? Because it reminds me of the structures, of the basics and hence gives me (again) the idea that I can do it. I can write. I know how to. I just need to return to the principles. And apply them. If I do so, I will surely have my breakthrough around my 50th anniversary.



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